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Sitting in the heart of France’s western side, between the ocean, the vineyards, and the châteaux, the Pays de la Loire region is famed for the quality of its agricultural output. Each of the five departments, from the Loire-Atlantique and Maine-et-Loire to Mayenne, Sarthe, and Vendée, offer a diversity of products and local expertise that has made their name.

The fourth largest region in France for agriculture, it is a leader in the field: the region is the leader in beef and poultry production, and second in fishing and aquaculture. Agri-food is the largest regional industrial sector, with more than 1,000 companies driving the region forward and exporting more than 10% of their production.

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Diversity and quality, rooted deeply in the region

Thanks to the great diversity of land and farming operations, the meat, dairy, and industrial baked goods industry represent more than three quarters of the sector, in terms of jobs, turnover, and export.

Our region is a leader in quality labelling, with 160 protected products (mostly meat and wine) made from ingredients produced on almost 5,000 quality-driven farms (not including organic).

If we look at organic farming, the Pays de la Loire boasts almost 215,000 hectares (10% of the total surface area), making it France’s fourth-largest region for organic and organic-transitioning farms, and the largest for the production of organic milk.

Aside from the focus on organic farming, the region is also endowed with many Label Rouge and AOC certifications, reflecting the high demand for quality raw ingredients. The Pays de la Loire is the second largest region in terms of the percentage of farms certified by the Label Rouge organisation.

Properly structured industry in an environment that helps companies grow

As with the produce on offer, the region boasts huge variety in the type of businesses that produce them, from very small family concerns to industry-leading groups. These companies enjoy the support of an exceptional fabric of organisations and institutions (research centres, schools, innovation platforms, centres of excellence, etc.) that help them put together innovative collaborative programmes to develop their business.

A number of national and international leaders in their field have their head offices in our region: LDC (the leading French poultry manufacturer), Lactalis (the world’s number one dairy group), Terrena (the largest French cooperative group), and more.

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The top 5 export partners: Belgium, Germany, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands (mostly meat, dairy products, cakes and baked goods, pasta)


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